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Point FM is a Czech startup studio aspiring to become a European brand. We focus on fin-tech projects and take interest in them in all phases of development – from seed to exit stages. We come up with new products and services, which offer real value to their customers and their creators believe in them. So far, we have been successful. Our apps iPov and HypoGo are doing great and soon we are taking them to foreign markets.

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„To innovate for the sake of innovation can be great fun, if you don’t need to make money. There is something to more conservative projects, though – once they take off, you can dedicate your time to the things you enjoy guilt-free.”

We never risk our own money. Don’t be foolish, everybody will give you an investment you can play with


  • Lukáš Janoušek
  • Jiří Nový
  • Matěj Boruta
  • David Hotař
  • Tom Garcy



Martin Šetek

Martin Šetek

CEO iPov, partner at startup studio Point FM. Business development and sales. I have worked at the counter selling insurance so I know the limits of what can be done. I like to push them. No-nonsense approach as well as empathy. Electronic music, great food.

Marek Kříž

Marek Kříž

CEO HypoGo, partner at startup studio Point FM. Marketing and new business. I enjoy finding quality work where no one was supposed to look. Fashion and music, when they shade into each other. Good food in the company of smart people.